Structural Engineering

​         Structural Engineering involves the design and investigation of steel, concrete, masonry, timber, and polymer composites. Structural Engineers utilize the soil and environmental reports to design the building foundation. They also work closely with the Architect or Designer to reach a framing solution that is structurally sound and still maintains the Architect’s design.

         No building can be erected without some form of Structural Engineering.

At A & L our highly trained & qualified staff can

help you with all of your structural needs.

Our Services Includes

     - Foundation Design

     - Innovative Wall Design

     - Failure Analysis

     - Steel and Concrete Design

     - Retaining Wall Design

     - Roof Design

     - Engineering Calculations

    - Bridge and Pavement Design


    - Structural Inspections and Quality Control

    - Forensic Structural Engineering

We've encountered just about every problem there is and know how to handle it. 

You can depend on the experience of the professional staff at A & L Engineering for any foundation project…

                                                                                                                        Service you can build on!