Projects at Head Office


List of major projects handled in the last five years (only major design and consulting projects)

   1) Saigon Courtyard Shopping Center, Arlington, Texas, 2009-2010, HKT Management Corporation – Kelvin Hoang, $150,000 


   2) Yasmine’s Gardens, Al-Kut, Iraq, 2009-2010, Darne Darec, $60,000, 19 building project, this line item refers to one 4 story   building completed, 18 pending for the future 


   3) Las Colinas MRI medical center, Irving, Texas, 2009, Kinwest Medical Group, $45,000 


   4) Manny’s Shiloh Plaza shopping center, Garland, Texas 2009, Manny Awad, $25,000 


   5) Best Western Frisco Hotel, Frisco, Texas, 2009, Amin Noor, $60,000 


   6) La Quinta Inn&Suites Hotel, Frisco, Texas, 2009, Amin Noor, $45,000 


   7) Sushi Fugu Restaurant, Highland Village, Texas, 2008, Phu Nguyen, $15,000 


   8) The Shops at Airport Center, Irving, Texas, 2006-2008, N&F Ltd., $100,000 


   9) El Dorado Manesh Estates cluster homes, Sacramento California, 2005-2008, N&F Ltd., $100,000 


   10) Frisco Law Circle Center, Frisco, Texas, 2006-2008, N&F Ltd., $160,000 


   11) Bardin Crossing Shopping Center, Arlington, Texas, 2006-2008, Bardin Crossing Group LLC, $220,000 


   12) Starbuck’s Plaza Shopping Center, Grand Prairie, Texas, 2006-2007, Mrs. Rashedi, $20,000 


   13) Village Square Shopping Center, Irving, Texas, 2005-2007, Champ Teng, $490,000 


   14) Airport Center (Old Walmart), Irving, Texas, 2006-2007, N&F Ltd., $150,000 


   15) Britain Business Addition, Irving, Texas, 2005-2007, N&F Ltd., $100,000 


   16) Medlin Townhomes, Arlington, Texas, 2004-2005, A&L, $200,000 


   17) Mineral Springs Shopping Center, Arlington, Texas, 2004-2005, Champ Teng, $120,000 


   18) Park Place Shopping Center, Arlington, Texas, 2004-2005, Earning Investment Group LLC, $90,000 


   19) Several thousands of minor design and consultancy projects for various clients, each valued less than $10,000 


   20) Tens of thousands of minor engineering and design inspections services for various clients, each valued less than $10,000




​Note: The above projects and project costs only include the design and consultant costs, not the construction costs. For many of the above projects, A&L Engineering and Consulting also functioned as the general contractor. For example, the total project cost for project 1, Saigon Courtyard Shopping Center, will be approximately $3,000,000 for the design, consulting, and construction services by the time it is completed later in 2010. Another example is project 11, Bardin Crossing Shopping Center, which was a total of $2,200,000 design and construction project.