Mechanical Engineering

     Climate control, energy efficiency, and comfort in modern buildings is a major design issue. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help to control the climate and keep occupants comfortable by regulating the temperature and air flow in residential, commercial, government, and other buildings. HVAC systems are also important to occupants' health because a well regulated and maintained system will keep a building free from mold and other harmful organisms.

       The energy efficiency of HVAC systems have been steadily improving over the years. Therefore, in choosing any type of HVAC system, finding one that is size-appropriate to the building is important in terms of achieving the best efficiency and comfort level. Beyond understanding the maintenance and installation of the systems themselves, sizing the systems appropriately and specifying the correct type of equipment is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for a mechanical engineer.

      Our mechanical engineers and technicians are trained and experienced. They keep up on all the latest advances in technology so that your HVAC needs are met quickly and expertly. A&L is proud to the at the forefront of mechanical engineering when it comes to utilizing energy efficient solutions. We do not regard mechanical engineering as an isolated engineering task but as an integral engineering challenge that goes hand in hand with structural engineering and architectural design to achieve the best possible energy efficiency for our clients.

   ■  Mechanical engineering design planning, layout, and design drawings​


   ■  HVAC calculations


   ■  Flow analyses


   ■  Preparation of ductwork, piping & mechanical equipment for both residential and commercial buildings


   ■  Computerized energy management control system


   ■​  Production of construction plans


   ■  Specification selection


   ■​  Equipment scheduling


   ■​  Budgeting HVAC systems


   ■  Construction supervision, quality control, and inspection


   ■  Construction administration


   ■  Progress reports


   ■  Coordination with plumbing, electrical, architectural, and structural engineering team members.


   ■  Design of cooling & heating systems that includes programming of HVAC design duct control,operation,and set up of computerized energy management control systems.

   ■  Problem solving and trouble shooting. 

A&L’s scope of work & Mechanical Engineering services