A&L’s staff specializes in foundations, structural, retaining walls, slope and pavement distress studies. The firm has specialized  equipments and sampling devices that can obtain soil and material samples in areas with limited access. Furthermore, the firm has strong instrumentation capabilities as A&L’s testing facilities can test structural materials, evaluate the cause(s) of distress and develop proper remedial measures. During the past 20 years, A&L’s staff has conducted many forensic engineering investigations such as defective products, designs and defective construction projects. Furthermore, our engineers have been principal expert witnesses and have testified in court.

    Our Construction Materials Testing and Inspection group offers the services of a well trained and experienced staff of  technicians, inspectors, and a professional engineers backed by a fully equipped and certified CMT laboratory facility. Our group provides construction control and inspection services for the entire development of a project to determine conformance to project specifications. These services often involve testing and evaluation of materials and construction procedures to be used on a specific project.

 Our Services include

​​     ■   Foundation Inspection​​                                                            ■   Roof Inspection​

     ■   Roof Inspection​                                                                         ■   Full soil testing​

     ■   Materials Evaluation, Testing & Inspection​                      ■  Concrete testing​

     ■   Specifications Review​                                                             ■  Steel & Welding Inspection​

    ■   Quality Assurance/ Quality Control& Non-Destructive Testing-Torque Testing​


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