Geo-technical Engineering

     Virtually every structure, regardless of size, requires geotechnical investigation to determine and evaluate subsurface conditions unique to each site. Samples of the site’s soil are taken and analyzed in a laboratory. The data gathered is then used to aid in the design and construction phases. 

     At A & L we have the equipment and staff necessary to take the physical samples and test them. This enables us to quickly and efficiently analyze and then interpret the data to provide a foundation and retaining wall design and construction recommendations.

Services Includes

     - Soil Exploration and Sampling

     - Soil Testing and Evaluation

     - Concrete and Material Testing

     - Slope Stability Studies

     - Active Zone Determination

     - Soil / Structure Interaction

     - Water Table Monitoring

     - Geo-technical Feasibility Evaluations

     - Soil Improvements

     - Grain size analysis

     - Soil density and index testing

     - Shear testing

     - Consolidation testing

     - Triaxial testing

     - Soil sampling

     - Compressive strength testing

     - Bearing