Environmental Engineering

     Environmental issues are at the forefront of engineering and societal needs worldwide. Environmental legislation to address such needs are on the rise across the globe. A & L Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (A&L) considers environmental engineering as one of its business priorities as well as a societal obligation for the improvement of quality of life. It is part of our corporate responsibility toward current and future generations to participate in protecting the earth and making it a better place to live.​


     At A&L we understand that environmental planning, design, and management are key elements for improving quality of life. Our clients include government agencies such as municipal, regional, and international entities; commercial entities such as corporations, banks, investment companies; and private entities such as individuals and nonprofit organizations.

     For example, we are in involved as consultants and designers in the rehabilitation of existing landfills for conversion to newly developed property for use in construction. We are also involved in the upgrade design of existing landfills to increase their capacity without increasing the required land size of such existing landfills. We are investigating and designing the use of open pit mines as landfills while at the same time investigating the utilization of newer technology for landfill use such as basalt products for earth reinforcement of landfill slopes and the transport and conversion of existing landfill wastes to other sites for methane and ethanol production. We have provided international environmental engineering consulting services in Russia, in the Ukraine and its Crimea peninsula, and in the United Arab Emirates.

     Another example is the case where local ordinances and state laws oftentimes require prospective property owners and financial lending institutions to conduct an appropriate investigation of a particular property to determine its past use, owners, and any associated environmental liabilities that may potentially exist. We have been offering suitable services for many years such as environmental problem analyses and Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments to address such concerns for both private and commercial entities.

Services Includes

    ■  Environmental impact studies


    ■  Environmental problem analysis


    ■  Environmental design


    ■  Environmental construction and management


    ■  Environmental remediation and rehabilitation


    ■  Landfill design


    ■  Landfill construction


    ■  Landfill management


    ■  Water treatment plant design


    ■  Water treatment plant construction


    ■  Waste water treatment plant design


    ■  Waste water treatment plant construction



    ■  Redesign and rehabilitation of existing plants


    ■  Oil sludge treatment


    ■  Contaminated soil treatment


    ■  Dressing of crude oil waste sludge


    ■  Asbestos surveys and abatement


    ■  Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments


    ■  Underground tank investigations and tank removal


    ■  Groundwater hydrology and restoration


    ■  Hazardous materials management


    ■  Air quality monitoring


    ■  Regulatory compliance


    ■  Decontamination of waste dump soil and construction                     materials using biodegradation