Civil Engineering

Land Development

          Once the environmental and geotechnical investigations are completed, Civil design work can begin. Civil Engineering is the step in the construction process that deals with how the new or existing project interacts with the community and terrain. It involves the planning, construction, and maintenance of Public Works as they relate to earth, water, and civilization, and their processes. 

     At A & L we can assist you in both the design and implementation phases of this process. Our highly trained and qualified staff will work closely with the city planners to provide the most economical

and feasible design and quality control possible.

This Process Includes

     • Surveying and Platting

     • Paving and Grading

     • Erosion Control

     • Sewer and Storm Sewer

     • Retaining Walls

     • Utility Layout

     • Site Planning

     • Road and Street Design

     • Flood Plain Analysis

     • Parking

     • Rezoning

     • Drainage